company provides a full range of reception and accommodation of participants festivals and events

For the tourists the company regularly carries out actions, which can always be found on our website. Also, for their loyal customers loyalty program designed to compute discounts and bonuses depending on the number of trips.


visa processing

If you decide to use the service company engaged in visa applications, please read the information on the page "Help in getting a visa," complete and submit an application for a visa. You will be contacted visa manager rompanii partner offering services of visa in your chosen country. Will tell you the cost and delays in obtaining a visa in your city.


hotel accommodation

From the moment of arrival to the Czech Republic, a chargeable transfer a / e, Railway Hotel (cost of individually negotiated in advance). Assistance on arrival at the hotel during the stay and the accompanying resolution of the issues provided there are representatives of the translator or the city.


Transfer to the hotel

Been encountered at the airport and make a transfer to the hotel, you can join us. Experienced drivers and comfortable cars or vans are ready vstechal our friends and guests at any time of the day or night.


booking hall

We can help you book the hall, surpassing your expectations. You can book a room, equipment and related services for your event, using the application form for booking.


other services

Other services that can help when taking

send a request

request for assistance in receiving

Applications for participation in the festival on the attached form are accepted from organizations and from individuals in the mail

Festival participants will be awarded with special diplomas and memorable gifts and prizes from the organizers, partners and sponsors.